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How to: DIY porting your cylinder heads

by Chad Byrum on March 31, 2022
How to: DIY porting your cylinder heads
Whether you add boost or keep your engine naturally aspirated, the common denominator between all the best bang-for-buck modifications increases the flow rate of your engine along with fuel. At a certain point no matter how large the throttle body, intake, injector, or the diameter and efficiency of the exhaust, eventually you will hit a wall, that’s the maximal flow rate the cylinder head is capable of. Flow rate is measured in CFM, and it’s worth knowing what your factory head is capable of before you go and buy aftermarket heads that outflow your stock ones. There could be a lot left on the table with your factory head(s) and that’s where porting, polishing and bench testing come in. Learn the best practices from Master Engine Builder David Vizard, the authority when it comes to increasing your port flow rate and bench testing. In this guide he shares over 50 years of wisdom building race engines, optimizing flow velocity and flow paths while avoiding costly mistakes. Anyone from professionals, armchair mechanics, and hobbyists will benefit greatly from this book - learn how to DIY port heads, intakes, runners, and even how to build your own bench tester at home!

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