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Race Day Frustrations at Charlotte: Overcoming Clutch Issues with Josh Williams Motorsports

by Chad Byrum on June 21, 2024

Race Day Frustrations at Charlotte: Overcoming Clutch Issues with Josh Williams Motorsports

Hey everyone, it's Midlife Classic Cars here with another update from the track! This past weekend was a rollercoaster of emotions as I prepared for my race at Charlotte. With the help of Josh Williams Motorsports, I spent an entire day setting up my car, hoping for a smooth run. However, things didn't quite go as planned, and I faced some serious clutch issues that ultimately cut my race short. 😤

The Setup at Josh Williams Motorsports

I arrived at Josh Williams Motorsports bright and early, ready to get my car in top shape. From 9 AM until almost 5 PM, the team worked tirelessly to adjust the control arms, balance the car's weight, and ensure everything was perfect. Despite their best efforts, there were still a few things I needed to tweak before my practice session on Monday.

Last-Minute Fixes

Saturday was all about making those final adjustments. From grinding down a drain plug that was hitting the control arm to adjusting my mirrors and race seat, I was determined to get everything just right. Check out the video below for a detailed look at these last-minute fixes.

Practice Day: The First Signs of Trouble

Monday came, and it was time for my first practice session. This was my first time driving the track, and I quickly realized I had a lot to learn about braking and handling the car. Unfortunately, I also started noticing some troubling signs with the clutch. Despite being in the correct gear and hitting the gas, the car just wasn't moving as it should.

Qualifying Woes

During my qualifying session, it became clear that something was seriously wrong. I was 1.6 seconds off the pace, and the car was struggling to get power down. At first, I thought it was just me being new to the track, but soon I realized the clutch was the culprit.

Race Day Disappointment

Race day arrived, and I only managed to complete four to five laps before the clutch completely gave out. The car had no drive, and I had to pull off the track. It was a frustrating end to what could have been an exciting race.

What's Next?

Next up, I'll be adjusting the clutch cable and inspecting the clutch to see if I can fix the problem. Luckily, I have the original clutch that came with the car, which should help me get back on track.

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Thanks for following along, and stay tuned for more updates. Hopefully, the next race will bring better results! 🚗📚


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