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The Incredible Blitzen Benz: Mighty Machines from Mannheim Shattered Speed Records and Inspired Heroic Legends (Volume 1)

  • Barcode: 9781854432230
"Oldfield shot into the turn with the wheel of his mighty motor car gripped as no other man can hold it. There was a fearful moment as the big devil-wagon swerved from its course. The rear wheels bounded sickeningly, and for a terrible second it looked as if Oldfield had found his finish. With truly superhuman effort, the muscles in his corded arms standing out like whips under his tanned skin, Barney straightened out the machine, jammed his foot on the pedal and send the great white Benz howling down the stretch for the fastest mile ever run on a dirt track. A rolling volume of approval from five thousand spectators matched the drumming beat of the cylinders as the Blitzen Benz thundered past the grandstand with raw gasoline exploding four hundred pounds of dead engine metal into two hundred units of living horsepower." Press description of a Blitzen Benz racing in 1910.