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You Are What You Drive

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You are what you drive, whether it's a Ferrari F50, a 30-year-old diesel Rabbit, or a Saab.What does your car say about you--and do you really want to know?This tongue-in-cheek handbook is the ultimate guide to what your automotive choices reveal, and what everyone else’s rides say about them.Where pop psychology meets Popular Mechanics, You Are What You Drive begins.Better buckle your seat belt--it could be a bumpy ride.Are you, for instance, a 1979 Pontiac Trans-Am owner, prone to black satin parkas and peppermint schnapps, partial to Styx singing “Come Sail Away" and likely to vacation at Dollywood?No problem, simply settle in and learn more than you might want to know about that neighbor who drives a Chevette, or the colleague with a Porsche, or the date with a Prius.All in fun it may be, but Jay Lamm’s identification system is remarkably apt, nearly unfailingly accurate, and hilariously entertaining for whoever’s not in the driver’s seat.