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Three Wheelers: Those Were The Days

  • Barcode: 9781903706817

Three-wheelers have played an intrinsic part in the history of the motor vehicle. From Aero Morgans to the Coventry Victor, BSA and Reliant, three-wheelers had their place in motor sport as well as providing essential transport for thousands of families. A nostalgic look back at the fascinating and often weird world of the three-wheeled car. Packed with around 150 wonderfully evocative photos of three-wheeled cars from all over Europe. Concise text chronicles the ups and downs of the popularity of three-wheelers since 1900. Models covered: Walton, 1902-6; Morgan, 1909-39; AC 1910-4; BSA, 1930-6; Coventry-Victor, 1928-38; Raleigh Safety Seven, 1933-6; Bond, 1949-70; Fuldamobil, 1951-69; Reliant 1951-date; AC Petite, 1953-58; Messerschmitt, 1953-64; Isetta, 1953-62; Gordon, 1954-68; Velorex, 1954-71; Berkeley, 1957-60; Heinkel/Trojan, 1957-65; Coronet, 1957-60; Scootacar, 1958-65; Peel, 1962-6; Bond 875, 1965-70; Bond Bug, 1970-74; Bamby, 1983-4; Piaggio, 1990-date; Lomax, 1983-date; Blackjack, approx 1998-date

Condition: This is a NEW BOOK

Author: Malcolm Bobbitt

ISBN: 1903706815

Publisher: Veloce Publishing

Binding Type: Hardcover

Illustrations: 50 color, 100 b/w

Pages: 96

Dimensions: 8? x 7-1/2?

Weight: 1.0