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How to Rebuild and Modify Your Manual Transmission (Motorbooks Workshop)

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This is an essential step-by-step guide. This resource explains how to rebuild and modify transmissions from both rear- and front-wheel-drive cars. It explains the principles behind the workings of all manual transmissions, and helps readers understand what they need to do and know to rebuild their own transmissions. It includes how to determine what parts to replace; how and why to replace certain seals, spacers, springs, forks, and other parts; and where to find (and how to measure) the specifications for each particular transmission. "How to Rebuild and Modify your Manual Transmission" The prospect of rebuilding or modifying a transmission strikes fears in the heart of many mehcanics. But in reality, the process is similar to rebuilding anything mechanical -- with patience and the right tools, it can be a straightforward, rewarding job. And you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself. In this book, you'll find everything from a basic introduction to how manual transmissions work to an in-depth explanation of how to rebuild one, all accompanied by full-color detailed photos. You'll learn how to diagnose transmission problems, as well as how to work on & replace clutches and flywheels. Although you can apply the lessons of the book to any manual transmission, you'll see examples of detailed step-by-step rebuilds of the Borg-Warner/TREMEC T-5. For those transmissions, you'll see identification by stampings, parts swapping between trannys, maintenance & upkeep, dissassembly, inspection, and reassembly. You'll find a chapter devoted to modifications, including blueprinting, case & shaft alignment, gear end play, bearing preload, shift linkage alignment and optimization, upgrading and adding bearings, gear strengthening, short shifters, case modifications, alternative gear ratios, lightening internal parts, dog ring conversions, and cooling.