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Austin-Healey 100 and 100/6 1952-1959 Gold Portfolio

  • Barcode: 9781855200487
A total of 55 articles on these early big Healeys: BN1, BN2, 100M, 100S, 100/6, MM. Includes tests, racing, touring, record-breaking, performance data, specs., buying used, tuning. Donald Healey began building cars in 1946 and at the 1952 Motor Show he exhibited the prototype Healey 100. Because an A90 engine was used BMC decided to incorporate the model and by the spring of 1953 it became the Austin-Healey 100. In the following six years more than 29,000 were build. A four-speed gearbox came in 1955 and a six-cylinder engine in 1956. The 100/6 was a little larger and allowed for 2+2 seating. Production of a pure two-seater returned in 1958. The rarest of the models are the 100S of 1955 and the 100M of 1955-6, both being tuned versions. Models covered are 100, 100/4, 100/6, 100/S, 100/M & Mille Miglia.