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Roads To Oblivion: Triumphs And Tragedies Of British Car Makers 1946-56

  • Barcode: 1870979826
The time was the period immediately following the conclusion of World War II. The nation was Great Britain, one fo the victors in this titanic six-year struggle. The industry was the automobile manufacturing establishment of the British Isles, looking toward regaining its prewar strength. At first glance, the British motor car industry appeared to be in an enviable position. As an entity which, despite the ravages of war, possessed the ability to produce considerable numbers of vehicles, it could look forward to furnishing pleasure cars to automobile-starved markets both domestically and abroad. Its international competitors were few, with its principal one, the huge American automobile enterprise, primarily concerned at the time with supplying the needs of its own population. Despite these apparent advantages, however, many companies which collectively made up this important British-based industry were to encounter severe problems in the next decade, which would result in their ultimate demise.