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  • Date Of Publication: May 2005
  • Condition: This is a NEW BOOK

Advanced Airbrush Art: How to Secrets From the Masters

  • Barcode: 9781929133208

A series of step-by step painting sequences done with a group of the country?s best and best-known airbrush artists. Each sequence moves from the concept to the planning, layout, and execution. The discussion and captions cover each artist?s personal choice for tools, paints, and materials. Subjects include everything from life-like pin-ups to abstract flags painted on custom motorcycles, hot rods, and shirts. Like a video done with still photography, this new book from Wolfgang Publications is made up entirely of photo sequences that illustrate each small step in the creation of an airbrushed masterpiece. Watch as well-known masters like Vince Goodeve, Chris Cruz, Steve Wizard and Nick Pastura start with a sketch and end with a NASCAR helmet or motorcycle tank covered with graphics, murals, pinups or all of the above. Interviews explain each artist's preference for paint and equipment, and secrets learned over decades of painting. Projects include a chrome eagle surrounded by reality flames, a series of murals, pinups, skulls and a variety of graphic designs. It's hard to have a how-to-paint book without plenty of color images, and this one uses nearly 500 all-color images spread across 144 pages to explain each step - from the initial layout to the application of paint - necessary for the creation of a masterful airbrushed image. This is a great book for anyone who takes their airbrushing seriously and wants to learn more.

Condition: This is a NEW BOOK

Author: Advanced Airbrush Art

ISBN: 1929133200

Publisher: Wolfgang Publications, Inc.

Binding Type: Paperback

Illustrations: 275 color

Pages: 144

Dimensions: 8-1/2"x 11"

Weight: 1.43