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American Passenger Trains: Wwii To Amtrak

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Passenger Trains played an important role in the growth of traveling across America or to the nearest city—the height of its service after WWII until the start up of Amtrak. This book provides railroad hobbyists, historians, museum operators, and transportation instructors and planners with information about the types of train services and operations in various corridors, such as Chicago – Milwaukee; the overnight and daytime long distance service; transcontinental trains, and the various types of local trains on both main lines and branch lines. The book reviews the types of sleeping car, coach, parlor car, food and beverage services available at that time. The equipment and service such as vista dome coaches, dining and lounge cars with many types of meals and beverages, sleeping accommodations and coach seats including reclining and leg rests were drawing cards for passenger traffic. This historic review, including train schedules and advertisements, provides information on train consists which is valuable for creating model railroad layout size trains.