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Audi Quattro: The Rally History

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Audi Quattro: The Rally History After more than 25 years, double World Rally Champion, Walter Röhrl, is still fascinated by the Audi Quattro. No other car has shaped and changed rallying more than the silver bullet with turbocharging and four-wheel-drive coming from Ingolstadt. Already on its World Rally Championship debut at Monte Carlo in 1981, the Quattro turned the world of rallying upside down. After only ten snow-covered kilometres of the first special stage, Hannu Mikkola in the Quattro had caught and passed the helpless Lancia Stratos of Bernard Darniche, the winning combination in 1979. Superb traction and seemingly limitless power were the keys to its success that made the Quattro legendary and helped Audi to capture the hearts of thousands of fans. Author John Davenport, a former rally co-driver and team manager, experienced that era at first hand and narrates - rally by rally - the complete history of the Audi Quattro. How four-wheel-drive revolutionized the rally world, how Michéle Mouton put the fear of God into manhood, and how Walter Röhrl made himself immortal in the Sport Quattro E2. The world-famous rally photographer Reinhard Klein followed the Quattro revolution around the globe and captured the mood of those days in an unforgettable way. In this high-quality book, he shows his most beautiful - some of them previously unpublished - pictures. A presentation of all the rally cars that Audi has launched - from the Audi 80 to the Quattros and the Coupé S2 - as well as a comprehensive statistics section - make Audi Quattro - the Rally History a book that everyone will want on their shelf.