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Autocourse History Of The Grand Prix Car 1966-85

  • Barcode: 9780905138374

In 1966, a new set of Formula 1 regulations was adopted for World Championship Grand Prix racing. They matched 3-litre unsupercharged racing engines with 15-litre supercharged units. This formula in effect applied until the end of 1985.

In this comprehensive survey of the technicalities, triumphs and tribulations behind the design and development of the Grand Prix car, respected racing journalist Doug Nye looks in great detail primarily at the teams and designs which have won the Formula 1 Constructors' World Championship during this 20 season span. 

After early back-to-back title victories by the Australian Repco V8 engine, the mighty Cosworth DFV V8 dominated for seven years before Ferrari's jewel-like flat-12 took over. Then of course the Cosworth fought

For the Formula's first 11 seasons nobody dared build a car under the supercharged option. In 1977 Renault took that plunge, and the same season saw Lotus introduce the new era of ground-effects aerodynamicdesign. These twin advances have
dominated the recent rapid development of the Grand Prix car. Here they are explained and their story told to the enthusiast for thefirst time in unprecedented but digestible depth.

The thinking behind each championship-winning Formula 1 design is traced and evaluated, and even the significant development changes made to the individual chassis of each type during its racing career are fascinatingly recorded.

Nye has a reputation for making nuts and bolts history interesting and entertaining and this survey is no exception; the personalities of Formula 1 are not forgotten,and many anecdotes of designers, mechanics and drivers stud the text where significant.
Sections explain some of the secrets of chassis design and construction and Nye unravels for the enthusiast some of the mysteries of Formula l's modern space age composite materials such as carbon fibre,
and their uses, advantages and disadvantages. And there is still more. . . .

A major appendix gives the first six places of every Formula 1 event in the period, both Championship-qualifying and non-Championship, and for easy reference a potted report is included for each of them. Another special section details every team
and one-off private entry car used in international Formula 1 racing from 1966-85. Coverage is even given in suitable depth to each individual chassis built and the conception, design and development of everyFormula 1 racing engine is also traced.

Top-quality colour and monochrome photographs and a selection of cutaway drawings and genuine Formula 1 factory drawings - never before revealed in public make the Autocourse History of the Grand Prix Car a vital addition to every motor
racing enthusiast's bookshelf.

Condition: Book is in new shape but jacket has shelf wear

ISBN: 9780905138374

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