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Build your Own Overland Camper manual Haynes Manuals

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The history of Vignale, the coachbuilder that bodied the first unforgettable Ferraris of the 1950s – responsible for cars such as the 166 and 212 Inter, the 250 and the 340 MM – narrated through rare archive photos, many of which previously unpublished. The Masterpieces of Style series dedicated to the greats of Italian coachbuilding – including Zagato, Pininfarina Touring and Giugiaro – could hardly not have a title devoted to the Turinese atelier founded in 1946 by Alfredo Vignale. This book covers, model by model, the entire output of an illustrious marque that was at its peak in the Fifties and Sixties when, thanks above all to the extraordinary talent of Giovanni Michelotti, it produced numerous bodies for Ferrari chassis, along with diverse Fiats with special versions of the 500 and 600. Not to forget the various Lancias such as the Appia and the Flavia Convertible and the prolific collaboration with Triumph. The history of Vignale, the Italian coachbuilder that bodied the first unforgettable Ferraris of the 1950s and 1960's, thanks above all to the extraordinary talent of designer Giovanni Michelotti. The coachbuilder that, even before Pininfarina, gave a face to Ferrari with a series of remarkable designs. Author Bio An expert in international car history, Luciano Greggio is an authorative journalist. He has worked for years in publishing and motoring journalism and is the author of the prestigious books Bertone 90 years 1912-2002 (2002), Abarth The man, the machines (2002) In the same series of Vignale: Masterpieces of Style (2020), he wrote Zagato (2017), Touring (2017), Pininfarina (2018) and Giugiaro (2019). He also co-authored the huge work Alfa Romeo The Official Book - Centenary edition (2010). Table of Contents Summary The artificier of the first Ferraris 1946-1949 Talented Panel Beater 1950-1954 The Encounter with Michelotti 1950-1954 The Adventure with the Rose 1954-1957 Not Just GTS 1958-1966 Growth Imposes a New Factory 1967-1971 The Rapid Decline and the Elegant Return