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Car Detailing

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This is a Concise Manual, aimed at the DIY car detailer – a growing area of the car-enthusiast market.

Car detailing is essentially high-end car valeting, which includes not only exterior paintwork, but almost every detail of the car – from tyres to mirror class, from engine components to exhaust.

A general car wash will take up the form of a wash and vacuum, and while car valeting is a step up, detailing goes deeper than what’s on top of the paint. Following a snow foam (to remove any loose contaminants) and a good thorough wash (using the two-bucket method) a clay bar will be used to remove embedded contaminants in the paint, such as tar, tree sap or anything that’s buried deep enough not to be removed by your wash stage. Detailing may also involve the use of a machine polisher to remove any imperfections while polishing the paint’s surface, making the car look even better than when it left the factory. Detailing also includes comprehensive work on the car's interior, wheels, and even engine compartment.

This book covers all aspects of detailing, with practical step-by-step instructions and advice from professional detailers. The down-to-earth text will enable detailing enthusiasts to carry out their own detailing, but will also arm them with good information about techniques and products to enable them to make informed choices should they choose to employ professional detailers.