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Carved-Panel Hearses: An Illustrated History 1933-1948

  • Barcode: 9781583882818
In 1933 the Sayers & Scovill Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio and The Eureka Co. of Rock Falls, Illinois, introduced a daring new departure in funeral car design. This stunning, semi-streamlined new hearse design featured richly-carved imitation drapery panels?complete with folds, fringes, tassels and tieback cords?on the sides and rear of the car.Carved Panel Hearses An Illustrated History 1933-1948The classic era of the carved hearse has never been equaled in terms of impressive beauty and artistic individuality, here featured exquisitely in impressive large archival photographs ? Today, carved-panel hearses are as eagerly sought by professional car collectors as Bugattis and Duesenbergs are by classic car buffs ? Includes close-up detail shots of carved panels , as well as a color section of the beautiful designs.

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