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  • Date Of Publication: 2011
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Citroën Cars: 1945-1964 (Nostalgia Road)

  • Barcode: 9781908347008

Few car manufacturers have made such an impact on society as that demonstrated by Citroën. Bearing the famous Double Chevron insignia that has been synonymous with the marque since 1919, Citroën's Traction Avant revolutionized automobile technology when it was introduced in 1934. Not only did the revolutionary design feature front-wheel drive, it incorporated all-round hydraulic braking, torsion bar suspension and chassis-less construction. Renowned for innovative engineering, Citroën also addressed the need for an inexpensive means of transportation during post-war austerity. With it's unbelievable level of frugality, their 2CV sold in huge numbers despite its fragile looks. With minimal power derived from a two-cylinder air-cooled engine, the 2CV had the ability to cope with the roughest terrain, courtesy of the most enduring suspension. Citroën innovation really came under the spotlight in 1955 when the extraordinary DS was launched. Adventurous use of technology meant that hydraulics assisted gear selection, steering and braking as well as providing a means of suspension that nearly six decades later is still superior to anything else. In addition to building cars, Citroën also made a wide range of commercial vehicles, including the H van, which was as Gallic as baguettes and Gauloise cigarettes. Less appreciated by many is Citroën?s significant contribution to Britain?s motor industry, when it assembled cars at Slough over a period of 40-years.

Condition: NEW

Author: Bobbitt

ISBN: 9781908347008

Publisher: Crecy Publishing

Binding Type: Paperback

Illustrations: b&w, color

Pages: 64

Dimensions: 5.28x8.26

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