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City Of Speed: Los Angeles And The Rise Of American Racing

  • Barcode: 9780760327203
This book leaves no one unnoticed and tells tales of the tape that have only been whispered of in the secret places. Readers should be required to wear seatbelts and a HANS device.? Autobooks-aerobooks.com No American city opened its arms and embraced the automobile like Los Angeles. But for L.A., the car was always more than just a mode of transportation. From the days of Ford's Model T right through today, Los Angeles and Southern California have been all about speed, racing, and building performance in a thousand ways that no one else could have ever imagined. When L.A.'s racers and car builders decided to storm Indianapolis and its seminal 500 in the frantic 1920s and 1930s, their super-advanced race cars and cocky drivers blew off everything in their path. The disgruntled competition cursed the whole L.A. race colony as "those damn cowboys out of California." Little did they know that still more speed-obsessed cowboys were queuing up hundreds deep in the City of Speed. Seemingly unfettered by conventional notions about what a car should be or do, L.A.'s speed freaks were busily introducing hot rodding, land speed racing, the performance industry, drag strips, and countless other gearhead enterprises. Los Angeles would assert itself as America's absolute mecca of speed. Joe Scalzo's work is the first to explore the huge influence of L.A.'s racing culture and its personalities on all of motorsports. Its fantastic tale is illustrated with historic photography, much of its previously, much of it unpublished.