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Classic American Limousines 1955-2000 Photo Archive

  • Barcode: 9781583880418

Whether you've never been in a limo, or even if a limo takes you to work each day, you will be fascinated by this comprehensive history. High-quality photos of American limousines take you on a luxurious tour from the development of the limousine in the 1950s to today. In days past, the limousine belonged only to the elite, the wealthy, and the dead on their way to the cemetery. Now anyone with a little extra spending cash can rent one and be the mystery rider behind the tinted glass. Includes Cadillac, Lincoln and Chrysler limousines, as well as Secret Service and Presidential limos. A great buy for professional car buffs, auto lovers, and anyone fascinated by this luxurious mode of transportation and the people who use it.

Condition: This is a NEW BOOK

Author: Richard J. Conjalka

ISBN: 1583880410

Publisher: Enthusiast Books

Illustrations: 120 b&w

Pages: 128

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