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Complete Catalog British Cars 1895-1975

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COMPLETE CATALOG OF BRITISH CARS 1895-1975 This long out of print classic has now been revised and updated. The most comprehensive account of British cars ever published, this book presents a huge amount of historical and technical information. Nearly 700 manufacturers and 3,700 individual models are profiled, including technical specs for most cars.  Reviews Octane, October 2006 "Regular readers of our Octane Cars pages will have heard of Calthorpe, but what about Cheswold or Critchley-Norris? They're all in this poor man's Georgono, which covers an amazing 700 marques in varying degrees of detail.” Classic Car Mart, December 2006 (UK magazine) Ever felt that your classic car knowledge was lacking somewhat? Or would you just like a book that holds information about every British car built from 1895-1975? David Culshaw & Peter Horrobin have worked together to produce that very thing and have just released an updated and revised version of their already popular book It allows the reader to extract information from nearly 700 car manufacturers and then delve into 3700 individual models and the facts, figures and history available are colossal. You may be thinking: "I'm already a BMC, Ford, British Leyland and Triumph anorak, what else can I possibly learn?" Well how about Tornado, what do you know about its Tempest Sportsbrake model? What bhp does a Ruston-Hornsby A1 16/20 produce? Who was the man behind theTrojan 10? Culshaw & Horrobin's efforts have recorded British automotive history and put it into one book, an achievement in itself. Can you imagine if the next generation attempted the same thing? Printing would come cheap as the information would only fill a pamphlet. For example: 'TVR: Russian bloke named Nikolai Smolenski bought the company and we think they went abroad. Rover: BMW sold it for a tenner, liquidation followed. Official announcement was made via megaphone on factory floor, staff went down the pub ...' So if you would like to research the once-thriving British motor industry, this book is one to jot down on the Christmas wish list. JUST A FEW OF THE CARS ALVIS  MARCOS  ASTON MARTIN  MG  AUSTIN MINI AUSTIN HEALEY  MORGAN  Bristol MORRIS    PANTHER   RILEY   ROLLS ROYCE and BENTLEY  Daimler SPRITE JAGUAR Sunbeam Alpine and Tiger JENSON  TRIUMPH LAGONDA TVR LAND ROVER WESTFIELD  LOTUS