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  • Date Of Publication: April 2011
  • Condition: USED
  • Condition Notes: New book, shelf worn around edges

Coolest Station Wagons Plymouth Chrysler 300 Dodge Nash USED

  • Barcode: 9781934709450
For all of us who grew up watching the world pass byfrom the back of a station wagon, this book touches aspecial chord. The same cars many would never want tobe seen in are now in high demand, and it seems everyone has at least one great story involving a stationwagon. Anyone who is a fan of nostalgia can relate tothe subject matter, and for those who like vintage styling and modern performance, there are plenty of great examples of upgraded vintage wagons that can (and are) driven daily. Noted magazine writing veteran Scotty Gosson takes an informative and lighthearted look at the lowly station wagon. Long lauded as a family mover unworthy of respect, the vintage style and quirky functionality of old wagons is now finding favor with enthusiasts and baby boomers alike. Their unique shapes and smile-inducing purpose separates wagons from more typical vintage rides, and in modified or customized form, wagons take on an entirely different personality. Whether you're trying to make a statement or just wanted more space for family, friends, and luggage, this book is sure to make you smile and fondly reminisce time spent in the family wagon. * Features cool, creative photos of restored, upgraded, and customized station wagons from the 1920s-1970s. * Covers a wide range of makes and models, from Model Ts to Minis, and includes a healthy dose of cars from all the great American manufacturers. * First ever book to embrace modified wagons and theresurgence in popularity of many models of wagons. CHEVROLET, PLYMOUTH, RAMBLER, STUDEBAKER, PONTIAC, FORD, NASH, MERCURY, DODGE, CHRYSLER 300, DATSUN, OLDSMOBILE About the Author Author Scotty Gosson is a fan of traditional hot rods and customs in addition to being the owner of an old station wagon. His personal experiences and connections fueled the premise of this book. He has written numerous automotive articles for various magazines and lives in Medford, Oregon.

Author: Scotty Gosson

Author Bio: NA

ISBN: 9781934709450

Binding Type: Paperback

Illustrations: 416 color photos

Language: NA

Pages: 144

Printing Status: In Print

Edition: NA

Country Made: NA