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Crosley And Crosley Specials Limited Edition

  • Barcode: 9781855204386
The first Crosleys were introduced in 1939 to sell through the company's radio stores, but production was terminated by the war. The first post-war car was a 700cc saloon with a lightweight engine. The Hot Shot, after initial scepticism, was well received, having a rigid chassis and good suspension. The open super-Sports had a 750cc engine, ohc and cast iron cylinder block. The 750cc, dual fuel engine was a success, catching the imagination of many special builders for racing. Unfortunately the out-dated bodies were not good enough for the public and sales fell. In July 1952 the company was sold to the General Tire & Rubber Co. This is a book of contemporary road tests, model introductions, technical and specification data, special equipment and race reports. Models covered include:- 700cc, Hot Shot, Super-Sports, Station Wagon, PBX, Le Biplace TorpÚdo, Broadwell.