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Evolution Of Cab-Over-Engine Trucks

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American COE (Cab Over Engine) designs began to appear as a way to maximize loads and abide by individual U.S. state length regulations. By shortening the overall length of the truck cab the trailer size could be increased while staying within the overall length limit dictated by each state. COE trucks would help play a vital role in America’s industrial growth over the ensuing decades. All the major truck manufacturers are featured along with the many models offered throughout the decades into the 1970s, as well as a brief look at the COE models offered through the 1980s to today. AUTOCAR, BROCKWAY, CHEVROLET, CORBITT, DIAMOND T, DODGE, FAGEOL, FEDERAL, FORD, FWD, GMC, HENDRICKSON, INTERNATIONAL, KENWORTH, MACK, MARMON, MERCURY, OSHKOSH, REO, RIKER, STERLING, STUDEBAKER, WHITE, WINTON,