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Fuel Altereds Forever

  • Barcode: 1932494758
What type of drag car makes race goers shutter, shriek, and cheer? A 200-mph, 7-second, 96-inch wheelbased   Altered, that's what!  These supercharged, 2,000-horsepower cars from the bygone days of drag racing demanded the utmost respect, as did the racers who piloted them. Most contemporary Top Fuel and Funny Car drivers would quake at the thought of driving one of these short, ill-handling beasts.  It took a rare (or slightly crazy) breed of drag racer to slide behind the wheel of one of these exciting nitro-burning drag cars.    Author Steve Reyes has included more than 250 of his best photos of his favorite class: Fuel Altereds. Never-before-heard stories bring the action right to you. Relive drag racing's glory days through photos of rarely seen cars, first-hand accounts, and stories of racers and their cars.