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Grumpy'S Toys: The Authorized History Of Grumpy Jenkins' Cars

  • Barcode: 9781934709276
THIS IS THE COLOR EDITION Few men have impacted the sport of drag racing like Bill ?Grumpy? Jenkins. His storied history at the drag strip began in the late 1950s, and continues today. Throughout his career, both innovation and success have followed him closely, and this book documents the long and colorful history of the competition cars that proudly bear the name ?Grumpy's Toy.? Grumpy's Toys stands as a full and complete history of Jenkins' career to date as told through his cars, and has been heartily authorized by the man himself (Jenkins wrote the book's foreword.) Author Doug Boyce has been following Jenkins throughout his racing career, and amassed an impressive collection of vintage photography that is shared on the pages. Through his own knowledge, extensive research, and by working with Grumpy himself, Grumpy's Toys offers readers an unparalleled look behind the man and his machines. This book boasts the largest collection of Jenkinscentered vintage photography ever assembled. Input from Grumpy punctuates the tales behind the now-legendary cars, and author Boyce's fan-friendly writing style entertains. Many myths about both Jenkins and his formidable racing cars have grown over the decades, and this book separates the fact from the fiction. This book is essential for the true drag racing fan. Very few men have been able to make a successful career in racing street-based drag cars, especially when compared to the stars of Funny Car and Top Fuel racing. One of the rare exceptions is Bill ?Grumpy? Jenkins. While he's been mentioned in many books covering the history of drag racing, and his engine building books have remained indemand, there's never been a complete history of Bill ?Grumpy? Jenkins' cars compiled until now. This book boasts the largest collection of Jenkins' race car photos ever amassed, and has been authorized by Grumpy himself. The book takes you through the Dodge Boys cars, the break up of Strickler and Jenkins and also looks at the Black Arrow Plymouth that followed. The Black Arrow would bring Bill his first NHRA Championship, his only non Chevrolet national event win. Read how Bill had hoped to obtain a Chrysler deal of his own and why the attempt failed. The Black Arrow controversy is finally put to rest with the help of reclusive Doc Burgess. The Chevy II's, the factory supplied Camaro's, Vega's and Monza's are all discussed in proceeding chapters. The book does get into factory ties and Bill's relationship with the likes of Vince Piggins, Paul Prior and Ron Sperry. Chevrolets supply of cars and parts would start in 1966 when Vince Piggins came knocking on the door. About the Author Doug Boyce turned his first wrench at age 8 and attended his first drag race at age 10. By age 14, he was working on restoring cars and swapping engines. Now 49, Doug has worked on many drag cars and has written several articles for automotive magazines. He spent 15 years as an automotive technician and still enjoys turning wrenches for fun. He's been a fan of Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins since age 12, and first met Jenkins at a West Coast match race in 1975. He's followed Grumpy's career ever since.