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  • Stock Number: B04371#LN
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  • Date Of Publication: 2014
  • Condition: Brand new book but back cover has a crease in it from shipping.

High-Performance Ignition Systems: Design, Build & Install (Performance How-To)

  • Barcode: 9781613250808

Performance modification on enthusiast cars and trucks entails the modification of many systems in concert with each other. Induction systems, exhaust, rotating assemblies, cylinder head modification, all areas where modifications yield exciting and measurable results. While decidedly not as sexy to most, ignition systems are just as important as all of the other systems, and modifying your ignition system is vital in extracting all the performance possible out of your engine build. What good is air flow if your ignition system can't light the fire? High-Performance Ignition Systems is a completely updated guide to understanding automotive ignition systems, from old-school points and condensers to modern computer-controlled distributorless systems, and from bone-stock systems to highly modified. Author Todd Ryden leads you through the various components in this update, explaining the theory behind the operation and how the parts work with each other to achieve the ultimate goal of efficient combustion. The inside scoop on all the new coils, wires, spark plugs, distributors, magnetos, inductive systems, CD ignitions, multiple-spark systems, computer ignition controls, rev limiters - all are covered for both street and race applications. This book will help you understand how your car's ignition works, update you on all the latest components, including distributorless and coil per cylinder systems and it will help you choose the right components for your car's performance needs.

Condition: Brand new book but back cover has a crease in it from shipping.

Author: Todd Ryden

ISBN: 9781613250808

Publisher: CarTech

Binding Type: Paperback

Illustrations: color

Pages: 144

Dimensions: 8.5000" x 11"

Weight: 1.0