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Hodaka Motorcycles The Complete to Guide to America's Favorite Trail Bike

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  • Barcode: 9781937747367

Hodaka motorcycles were some of the most creatively marketed and designed motorcycles in America. The bike of choice for the hip young racer, the street-savvy urbanite, or the 14-year-old boy's favorite poster, these machines had colorful logos, creative advertising and terrific names. The Combat Wombat, Road Toad, Dirt Squirt and the fantastic Super Rat are just a few of the models produced by Hodaka. More than 15 years in the making, this exhaustively-researched tome contains all the details about the machines as well as a treasure trove of photographs, advertisements, and graphics. Written by Ken Smith, the editor of VMX Magazine, and created with the help of Paul Stannard of Strictly Hodaka and many of the people who designed and sold Hodakas back in the day, this book is a captivating, colorful look at one of the wildest, most popular motorcycles of the 1960s and 1970s.

Ken Smith spent his teenage years riding dirt bikes, while lusting after a Hodaka. Years later, Ken's continued love affair with motorcycles developed into a professional association as a freelance writer for motorcycle magazines. In 2004, his passions for vintage bikes and writing led him to become editor and part-owner of VMX Magazine, the world's leading publication covering the vintage and classic dirt bike scene. That position took Ken to Hodaka Days in Athena, Oregon. With the help of Paul Stannard of Strictly Hodaka and many of the staff from the PABATCO company, Ken wrote Hodaka Motorcycles. Ken resides in Sydney, Australia with his faimly--Frances, Adam and Amy. And, yes, there is finally a Hodaka in Ken's garage--a nice shiny Wombat.

Author: Ken Smith

Author Bio: NA

ISBN: 9781937747367

Publisher: Octane Press

Binding Type: Hardcover

Language: NA

Pages: 192

Printing Status: In Print

Edition: NA

Country Made: NA