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How to Airbrush Pin-Ups

  • Barcode: 9781929133802
How to Airbrush Pinups is a collection of ten sequences done by well-known and experienced airbrush artists. The human form, the human face, and skin tones, are three topics that beginning artists struggle to get right. And it is these three topics that make up much of this new book.  Each of the ten photo sequences starts with the artist?s sketch and moves, step-by-step, to the finished panel. The chapters provide an opportunity for the reader to sit down and ?talk? with the artist. These chat sessions include a discussion about not only the artists? favorite airbrush, but how they learned their skills, who inspires them and how to avoid the typical beginner?s mistakes.  The styles seen in How to Airbrush Pinups run the gamut from retro pinup and Vargas-style work of Edward Reed to modern stylized pinups of Tom Nguyen. With over 500 color images spread across 144 pages, How to Airbrush Pinups is an invaluable aid for anyone who wants to become proficient in painting pinups, nudes and portraits.