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How To Build a Hot Tuner Car

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The tuner car is the new hot rod: a smaller, sleeker, later model, geared up to go faster than the next car. And as always, when going for pumped-up performance and style it’s often critical--and difficult--to do it on a budget. That’s where this book comes in. How to Build a Hot Tuner Car author Scott Smith tells you all you need to know about how to build a tuner car right, and how to do it without going broke.

Beginning with the budget--what can you afford to spend?--Smith offers clear and helpful guidance on finding a good project car, planning its transformation, and making it into the tuner car of your dreams. Every step of the way, he points readers towards great deals--from junkyard swaps and aftermarket bargains to low-cost solutions to building challenges.

Exterior, interior, suspension, wheels, engine, driveline--it’s all here, from getting the parts to installing them properly. The methods may be innovative, the parts and process may be inexpensive, but the result is still going to be over-the-top.