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How To Build And Modify Sportscar And Kitcar (Speedpro Series)

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When it comes to suspension systems and handling, there's plenty of advice available but, unfortunately, much of it is bad, incomprehensible or outdated. This book dispels the myths and explains how you can adjust and modify your cars suspension and brakes to make it handle and brake really well. Features - Cuts through the mystique and confusion surrounding suspension and handling improvements. - Applies to all two-seater sportscars and kit cars with wishbone front suspension, coil springs, telescopic shock absorbers and wishbone or trailing arm rear suspension. - Basic information applies to all cars. - Written in a clear understandable style with over 100 detailed original diagrams. - Ideal for the home mechanic. - Applies to road and track applications. - Des Hammill is an engineer and a professional race car builder with many years of practical experience. Description How to get the best handling and braking from sportscars/kitcars with wishbone front suspension, coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers. Includes ride height, camber, castor, kpi and much more.