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How To Build Your Dream Garage

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If you want to rebuild a beloved ride, house a prized collector car, or spend some quality time with a motorcycle, here is the book for you. An essential tool for building your dream garage, this book takes readers from inspiration to reality in engaging and easy-to-follow steps. With plenty of clear illustrations and examples, the author explains all the issues a homeowner must confront when planning and building a new garage or adapting an old one to accommodate new vehicles and new ideas. Beginning with the design, Klancher walks the prospective owner through the entire process, from preliminary issues like zoning and building permits, to dimensions and materials, to finishing a space with workbenches, lighting, flooring, and wall coverings. Filled with practical advice and instructions for the handy homeowner and weekend mechanic, the book also guides readers through the complexities (and wisdom) of contracting specific tasks. Detailed photographs showcase finished garages and highlight special features. Step-by-step sidebars cover the how-tos for garage owners with even the most elementary carpentry skills. Read this book before you begin and save yourself money and effort.