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How To Repair Your Scooter (Motorbooks Workshop)

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  • Barcode: 9780760339862
Gas prices go up and down, but mostly up, and that trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Because of this, people are increasingly turning to motor scooters. In addition to being entertaining to ride and providing extreme mobility, scooters often travel up to 100 miles for each gallon of gasoline burned. How to Repair Your Scooter is divided into chapters according to the scooter's various mechanical systems. For example, brakes, suspension, intake, exhaust, etc. each have their own chapter. Each chapter begins with a simple explanation of how the subsystem works and what its strengths and weaknesses are. The chapter then takes the reader through a series of common maintenance and repair projects, each illustrated with step-by-step sequential photography with captions. Content covers two- and four-stroke scooters and is relevant for machines from all markets. Chapter 1: Routine Maintenance vs. Repair Project 1: Remove, Check, and Replace Spark Plug Project 2: Remove, Clean, and Replace Air Filter Project 3: Check Tire Air Pressure Project 4: Change Gearbox Oil Section 2: Engine and Drivetrain Engine Troubleshooting Guide Transmission Troubleshooting Guide Chapter 2: Four-Stroke Engine Project 5: Valve Adjustment Project 6: Engine Compression Test Chapter 3: Two-Stroke Engine Project 7: Top End Rebuild Chapter 4: Cooling System Project 8: Check Engine Cooling System-Liquid Cooling Chapter 5: Fuel-Induction System Project 9: Remove Carburetor Project 10: Clean Carburetor Chapter 6: Exhaust System Project 11: Remove and Replace Exhaust System Chapter 7: Electrical System (Engine) Project 12: Remove, Check, and Replace Fuse Project 13: Remove, Check, and Replace Battery Chapter 8: Transmission and Final Drive Project 14: Remove and Replace Drive-Belt Cover Project 15: Remove, Inspect, and Replace Drive Belt Section 3: Chassis and Body Chassis Troubleshooting Guide Body Electrical Troubleshooting Guide Chapter 9: Frame Project 16: Checking Wheel Alignment Chapter 10: Suspension System Project 17: Checking and Replacing Suspension Components Chapter 11: Wheels and Tires Project 18: Remove and Reinstall Rear Wheel with Drum Brake Project 19: Remove and Reinstall Front Wheel Project 20: Replacing a Tubeless Black Sidewall Tire with a Tubeless White Sidewall Tire Chapter 12: Brakes Project 21: Remove and Replace Brake Caliper Project 22: Remove and Replace Brake Pads Project 23: Bleed Brake System Chapter 13: Body Parts Project 24: Remove Belly Panel Project 25: Remove Floor Panel Project 26: Remove Side Panel Project 27: Remove Rear Wheel Fender/Mudguard Project 28: Remove Seat Project 29: Remove Under-Seat Storage Bin Project 30: Remove Grab Handle Project 31: Remove Battery Cover Project 32: Remove Side Panel Trim Pieces Project 33: Remove Rear Footrest Chapter 14: Electrical System (Chassis and Body) Project 34: Replace Taillight or Brake Light Bulb Project 35: Replace Turn-Signal Bulb Project 36: Remove Taillight Assembly Project 37: Remove Rear Turn-Signal Assembly Index