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How To Restore Norton Commando

  • Barcode: 9781787113947

Written in a friendly and accessible manner by an enthusiast of many years, this book provides a thorough and detailed restoration guide for the Norton Commando, complete with step-by-step instructions, and hundreds of color photos. This How to Restore Norton Commando manual is aimed at owners and enthusiasts of the legendary Norton Commando, and covers all areas of restoration from the sourcing of the bike to its completion as a fully restored machine. Starting with advice on the different models, spares availability and where best to source a bike to restore, the book then covers the complete dismantling and restoration of the bike. Describing the engine, frame, gearbox, wheels, suspension and forks, brakes, ancillaries, bodywork, and electrics, the text is illustrated with hundreds of clear color photos. What really sets this manual apart is the style in which it is written: not as some dull and distant workshop manual but in a friendly, humorous manner by an enthusiast of many years who is able to involve and entertain the reader, as well as providing a thorough and detailed restoration guide. This is the fourth restoration guide from an author whose previous works have been a massive hit with mechanics, enthusiasts and restorers throughout the world. A fully detailed manual for the home mechanic covering all aspects of Commando restoration Written in great detail yet in a clear, friendly manner that makes restoration easy Hundreds of original detailed color photos A unique and friendly approach Introduction: Choosing a model to restore Chapter 1 Buying the bike and preparing for restoration Chapter 2 The ten golden rules for a successful restoration Chapter 3 Preparing to dismantle the bike Chapter 5 Beginning the strip down - seat, tank and headlamp Chapter 5 Removing the main electrical components Chapter 6 Removing the rear wheel and rear brake assembly Chapter 7 Removing the carburettors Chapter 8 Draining the oil Chapter 9 Removing the swinging arm and Timing cover Chapter 10 Dismantling the Primary Chaincase Chapter 11 Dismantling the Gearbox Chapter 12 Removing the cylinder head and barrels Chapter 13 Removing the engine from the frame Further chapters covering the rebuilding and restoration process.

Condition: NEW

ISBN: 9781787113947

Publisher: Veloce Publishing

Illustrations: 750 b/w photos

Language: English

Pages: 224

Weight: 0.0