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Jeep Off-Road (Gallery)

  • Barcode: 9780760329948
Long before off-roading took so many drivers off the beaten (or paved) path, Jeep was there.  Off-roading is what Jeep was made for, more than 65 years ago, and things have only gotten better.  This book shows readers why.  Tom Morr, an off-road aficionado, takes readers into every aspect of the sport.  The vehicles, the modifications, the courses, the events:  it’s all here in fascinating detail, illustrated with hundreds of full-color action photos.  Morr details techniques that off-road drivers use in major competitions, including insider information about modifications and technical stats.  This book has everything a Jeep off-roader--or fan--could hope for.  Jeep Off-Road will thrill beginners, enthusiasts, and long-time Jeep off-roaders.