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Jeepster & Commando: 1967-1973 (Limited Edition)

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Having been discontinued in 1948 the Jeepster name was revived in 1967. In the Mid-sixties the recreational vehicles market had blossomed and manufacturers were filling a vacuum. The Jeepster was introduced as a blend of a street and off-road machine with extra lifestyle luxuries. With the take-over by American Motors the bodywork received a cosmetic makeover. The Commando was the workhorse station wagon in various guises. By 1972 the Jeepster name had again been dropped as the Commando lived on with a roadster, pickup as well as the station wagon. This is a book of contemporary road and comparison tests, technical information, buyer’s guide, new model intro’s, driver’s impressions. Models covered include:- roadster, hardtop, convertible, pick-up, station wagon.