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Mopar Muscle - Barracuda, Dart & Valiant 1960-1980

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MOPAR Muscle features Chrysler Corp’s classic rear-drive slant six and V8 compacts of the ’60s and ’70s. From economy cars to muscle cars, these marvels challenged rivals and inspired a generation. THE AUTHOR Marc Cranswick has written about and drawn the cars and trucks of the Big 3 and independent automakers for over 15 years. He writes enthusiast-directed model history books, and has involvement with many car clubs. In the Mopar world he is known for the reference book The Cars of American Motors - An Illustrated History, as seen on NBC’s business channel CNBC. His other books include Ford Midsize Muscle - Fairlane, Torino & Ranchero; Mazda Rotary-Engined Cars, and Pontiac Firebird - The Auto-Biography.