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Morgan 3 Wheeler: back to the future!

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In the early years of the 21st century, the Morgan Motor Company decided to return to the configuration of its origins, with a new 3 Wheeler. One reason for this decision was that it could no longer sell its four-wheelers in the USA, due to the costs of meeting increasingly restrictive legislation on emissions and accident safety becoming prohibitive for a small manufacturer. The 3 Wheeler, classed as a motorcycle, bypasses these complex requirements. By coincidence, an American three-wheeler, the Liberty Ace (itself a modernized recreation of the V-Twin Morgan Super Sports of the 1930s) was selected as the starting point. Morgan then designed and engineered the new model in an astonishingly short period. The management thought it might sell a few hundred 3 Wheelers; however, orders flooded in after its launch at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, leading to considerable complications. This is the story of how all that happened and how an eccentric sports car with an American engine and a Japanese gearbox is, nevertheless, quintessentially English. Features * Why Morgan decided to go back to the configuration of its origins * How the modern 3 Wheeler came about * How it was designed and engineered, and how it?s built * What it?s like to drive a 3 Wheeler * Strengths and weak points ? how the factory has improved the Morgan * Could you be an M3W owner? * Factory options and aftermarket mods * A look at other three-wheelers on the market ? and a few that didn?t quite make it into production * Dynasty ? the Morgan family feud * How the Morgan might be developed in the future Description Revealing why Morgan returned to its original 3 Wheeler concept after a century. How the new 3 Wheeler was created, became a best-seller, and was made, this book shows what it?s like to drive, strengths, weaknesses, and factory improvements made since the 2011 launch ? from modifications, possible developments, and even why it is ? or isn't ? your kind of vehicle.