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Morgan: First And Last Of The Real Sports Cars

  • Barcode: 9780396067320

The Morgan Motor Company is the world's oldest privately owned car company, and yet up to now the Morgan enthusiast has had scant and scattered literature to which to refer. As Peter Morgan relates in his foreword to this book, ?Certain writers have approached the company about the preparation of an historical record, but when confronted with the records available, particularly the information collected by my grandfather. Prebendary H.G. Morgan, all considered the task rather too great. F ortunately for Morgan enthusiasts throughout the world, and to the delight of Peter Morgan, in 1969 Gregory Houston Bowden agreed to take up the challenge. In this, the first fully comprehensive and authoritative history of the Morgan, he has combined a wealth of information?much of which is unpublished, drawn directly from the Morgan archives or from the reminiscences of individual members of the firm--with the tremendous enthusiasm of one who has been a self-confessed Morgan addict since the age of seven. His own ambition was first gratified in 1969 while at Oxford, when he bought the original WXA 6--a 1959 Plus-4 fourseater--and was later spurred on by the acquisition of a 1936 F4 three-wheeler in 1970, and the present WXA 6- the 1972 Plus-8 depicted on the jacket of this book. The early history, the great years of the three-wheeler, the development of the 4/4, the Plus-4 and the Plus-8, the racing successes and the business history--all are covered in Mr. Houston Bowden?s dedicated and stimulating biography. In this age of takeovers and conglomerates, it is refreshing to find that in Malvern Link, England, there flourishes still the home of the first and last of the real sports cars. 191 pages. 

Condition: Writing inside cover

Author: Gregory Houston Bowden

ISBN: 9780396067320

Publisher: Dodd, Mead

Binding Type: Hardcover

Pages: 191

Dimensions: 9.7 x 7.4 x 0.9 inches

Weight: 0.0