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Morris Minor: The World's Supreme Small Car

  • Barcode: 0850459311
This is the third edition of this successful book with new information including many new facts from the "Miles Thomas papers" which have only recently come to light. Excellent coverage on how these cars are being modified in the U.S. and the U.K. A very comprehensive book. 3rd editionThe book made me appreciate the Morris more than I already did. I never realized what a well engineered automobile it was. I knew it was a great car to drive. It's handling was suburb. Far above many larger cars. Learning about Isigonis partnership with the car was interesting. The fact that the Morris sold well even though Lord Nufield (William Morris)never liked the "poached egg", as he described it when he first saw it. And in face of the fact that there were no hard sell advertisement or promotions to sell the car. It sold itself. The engineering was superior to other cars in it's class and in some cases out of it's class. In spite of the fact that the car during it's life had very few improvements, and the ones it did have for the most part were minor (no pun intended) I think The book like the car was well thought out and well researched. It was written by someone who obviously has an interest in the car personally.