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Moto Guzzi: Gold Portfolio 1949-1973

  • Barcode: 9781855203792

Road test, history, record breaking., model introductions, performance data and specifications. Models covered: Zigolo, Lodolo, Single, V Twin, V7, V-8, Ambassador, Eldorado. Moto Guzzi began making motorcycles in 1921 at their factory by Lake Como and were known in the UK, almost exclusively through their racing successes, until the early post-war years. It was then that the importation of their road-going models commenced, to add a touch of colour to the otherwise somewhat drab motorcycling scene. The models that attracted the most attention were the Unit-construction 175cc Lodola, later increased in capacity to 235cc, and the 110cc Zigolo two-stroke, also built along similar lines. Their attractive appearance was enhanced by their finish in Italian racing red. Although its cost in the UK put it out of contention with its contemporaries, the 192cc Galletto scooter was also worthy of attention. Virtually a motorcycle enclosed within a metal skin, those who had the good fortune to ride one considered it one of the best scooters ever made. The Moto Guzzi that drew most attention was their vee-eight racing model, a truly exotic machine that was entered in the Golden Jubilee TT of 1957, to be ridden by Dickie Dale. Nothing quite like it had been seen before and it was little short of amazing how the engine unit with its six-speed gearbox could be slotted into a racing frame and cycle parts. Capable of producing 62bhp at 12,000rpm, it had a maximum speed of 160mph. Sadly, the best it could do was to finish fourth, with engine problems, on what amounted to its first serious outing. Until then, when it came to making the larger capacity models Moto Guzzi had always shown their preference for wide angle vee twins. When they returned to making larger capacity road models they still used the same basic engine layout, although the angle between the cylinders was reduced to 90 degrees and the engine was mounted transversely in the frame, with the use of shaft final drive. Many derivatives of the 750cc and 850cc twins followed, including a 949cc version with automatic transmission in 1975. A portfolio of contemporary articles leads us through the development of the Moto Guzzi50 articles, including 26 road test reports, plus history, record breaking & model intro & more. Models covered: Zigolo, Lodola, Single, V Twin, V7, V8, Ambassador & Eldorado.

Condition: This is a NEW BOOK

ISBN: 1855203790

Publisher: Brooklands Books Ltd

Binding Type: Paperback

Illustrations: 300+ B&W

Pages: 172

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