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"New Sealed" Guide To The Identification Of Alfa Romeo Cars By Maurizio Tabucchi

  • Barcode: 9788879112338
. An easy-to-read, clear and thorough identification guide to all cars produced at Alfa Romeo until 1986. Their history, technical data and production figures model by model.  Book Description This indispensable new book covers all Alfa Romeo production cars, from 1910 to 1986. Technical and descriptive detail is given for each car, as well as information about the way each model evolved through its lifetime. Within an easy-to-use format, the book offers answers to the most frequently asked questions about Alfa Romeos, and is therefore of great value to potential buyers, collectors and enthusiasts. The photos, which are of the period and therefore completely reliable, provide a further means of comparison to help identification. First Sentence: The objective of this book is to bring together all the A.L.F.A., Alfa Romeo and Alfasud cars sold in Italy, plus the most important models sold overseas, using pictures of the period which are, therefore, historically accurate; in a very few cases, photographs have been used of carefully selected cars which have been either preserved or restored.