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Oldsmobile 1948-1963 (Limited Edition Premier)

  • Barcode: 9781855208377

This book traces the Oldsmobile story from 1948 up to the end of 1963. Models reported on include the Rocket 88, Super 88, Dynamic 88, 98, Futuramic 98, F-85, Starfire and turbocharged Jetfire. Featured are road tests new model intros, drive reports & consumer analysis.Although nobody probably realised it at the time, when Oldsmobile introduced its Futuramic body design in 1948 it heralded the dawn of what were to become some of the most glamorous and exciting times ever experienced by American car owners. The picture was completed the following year when Oldsmobile unveiled its legendary overhead-valve Rocket V8 engine. Lighter, more compact and much more powerful than the old eight-cylinder, inline L-head engine, the Rocket V8 pioneered what historians would later come to describe as the first generation of muscle cars. Traditionally, Oldsmobile had been positioned in between Pontiac and Buick in the General Motors pecking order (with Chevrolet at the bottom and Cadillac occupying the top spot), but as time went on the divisions started to overlap and the differences between them became increasingly blurred. Nevertheless, Oldsmobile was among the first to adopt the hardtop body style and wraparound windshield, design features that would eventually be used by all automakers. Some Oldsmobile model names have gone on to become part of American folklore - the Rocket 88 was featured in at least one 50s rock 'n roll hit and as long as the cars are preserved the heritage of the marque will be secure for future generations to enjoy.

Condition: NEW

ISBN: 9781855208377

Publisher: Brooklands Books Ltd

Binding Type: Paperback

Illustrations: 300 B&W

Pages: 172

Weight: 1.0