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Shelby Mustang: The Total Performance Pony Car

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  • Barcode: 9780760365977

Shelby Mustang covers every iteration of this iconic pony car, from the raw 1965 GT350 to today's fire-breathing Shelby GT500, and the people that made it all happen. The complete history of Shelby's high-profile take on Ford's legendary Mustang! Shelby Mustang details the entire story of these fantastic cars, from the early prototypes built in Shelby's Los Angeles shop to today's Ford-engineered high-tech performers. Written by one of the world's foremost authorities on Shelby automobiles, critically acclaimed author Colin Comer, and with a foreword by Lee Iacocca, the American automobile executive credited with the successful development of the Mustang, this is the definitive account of the Shelby. When Ford wanted to toughen up its super-successful new Mustang, they approached Carroll Shelby to give it the performance image it so sorely lacked. Beginning with a 1965 "K-Code" 289-cubic-inch-powered Mustang fastback, Shelby applied the same formula that had made his Cobra sports cars such devastating performers both on and off the track: more horsepower, less weight, balanced handling. The GT350 quickly established itself as a bonafide force in SCCA B-Production racing, twisting back roads, and boulevards alike—setting the course for future Shelby Mustangs, like the big-block GT500. Though those original Shelby Mustangs were done by 1970, Ford dusted off its Shelby relationship in 2006 and has been producing high-performance Ford Mustang Shelbys ever since. This is a must-have read for any fan of American performance cars, whether you're a muscle-era original or a 21st-century stormer. Both Mustang and Shelby performance cars are among Motorbooks' best-selling subjects. Author Colin Comer is recognized as one of the world's foremost authorities on Shelby automobiles. Mustangs in general, and Shelby Mustangs in particular, have strong club followings. The Shelby American Automobile Club, which requires members to actually own a Shelby automobile, has nearly 6,000 members, and there are hundreds of active Mustang clubs and forums around the world.

Condition: NEW

Author: Colin Comer

ISBN: 9780760365977

Publisher: Motorbooks

Illustrations: color

Language: English

Pages: 240

Weight: 0.0