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Shelby: The Man, The Cars, The Legend: Updated and Expanded Edition

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  • Barcode: 9781583881828
This book takes a look at the life and times of Carroll Hall Shelby, from his birth as the son of a rural Dallas-area postman well before WWII up to his present activities where once again he is advising Ford on the creation of a Shelby Mustang. A thorough reference on Shelby's life with cars, from the days when he raced Ferraris and Maseratis, to the beginnings of the Cobra, the Daytona, the 427 Cobra, Ford's battle for LeMans, the front drive Shelby Dodges, the infamous Series I, Shelby's time at Chrysler, his participation in the development of the Viper, and his quarter century-long running battle with the army of Cobra clonesters. Throughout all the car talk are personal glimpses of the world of Shelby, which included stretches as a WWII era bomber pilot instructor, oil well roustabout, chicken farmer, cement hauler, chili cook, horse breeder, dog breeder, flying instructor, safari guide, car dealer, bon vivant, motel owner, art collector, inventor, father of three, grandfather, and philanthropist - not to mention friend of everyone from politicians to Kings.