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Su Carbs Tuning Tips & Techniques

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Cut    Copy    Paste    Paste as HTML    Modify cell properties    Modify table properties    Modify image  Covers tuning tips and techniques for SU Carburetors as well as all SU fuel pumps for numerous classic cars, including the Mini Cooper, Sprite, Bentley, Jaguar E-Type, MkII, Daimler V8, Land Rover, MGB, Rolls Royce, TR4 & 7, Spitfire, Rover & Volvo 1800.Topics include basic design and function, overhauling and fault finding, mixtures and tuning, burning characteristics of different mixtures, size selection, use of special racing fuels, dismantling and assembly, auxiliary enrichment, automatic enrichment device, electric fuel pumps, mechanical fuel pumps, jet identification and jet needle identification.