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Super Stock: Drag Racing the Family Sedan

  • Barcode: 9781884089534

Super Stock takes a look at what was, in the 1960s, the most popular class of drag racing - factory Super Stock. It traces the evolution of the cars, the engines, the rules, the personalities, and many of the teams, from its beginnings in the mid-1950s through to the 1960s and the era of the Super Stock 409s, Ramchargers, 421 Pontiacs, and 406 Fords.This was a time when Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors competed on a weekly basis, at local drag strips throughout the country, and the saying ?...win on Sunday, sell on Monday...? had real significance in the marketplace. This is also the period that saw emergence of the term ?musclecar? and the production of a whole class of American automobiles ? which are now the most sought after by collectors, restorers, and performance enthusiasts.Included in this book are first person accounts of what drag racing was really like in the early 1960s. How the manufacturers controlled the competition and even the results of the races, and how the sanctioning bodies attempted to control the manufacturers, who in turn simply sidestepped the rules. Appendices include all of the major event winners and the rules defining the classes as well as information detailing the engines and chassis? competing in Top Stock categories. ? Detailed coverage of the American musclecar era.? Includes coverage of the famous drivers and teams of the period.? Vintage photos and accounts of the early days of American drag racing.

Author: Larry Davis

ISBN: 1884089534

Publisher: CarTech

Binding Type: Hardcover

Illustrations: 300 photos

Pages: 210

Dimensions: 10x10

Weight: 1.55