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The Cars of Oldsmobile (Crestline Series)

  • Barcode: 0879386770

Seven years in the making! There are many fascinating aspects of Oldsmobile. It certainly has one of the longest historical trails ever blazed in the auto industry, dating back directly to 1897 and traceable into the 1880s. In this book, which is chronologically arranged by year, the author often encountered too little or no data and at other times ran across significant differences on information. He was fortunate enough to have had a great deal of research help on various Oldsmobile years and was able to talk to a number of Oldsmobile factory sources which were on the scene at the time. The book is a good start in obtaining everything a collector or researcher might want to know about his or her Oldsmobile.

Condition: LIKE NEW

Author: Dennis Casteele

ISBN: 0879386770

Publisher: Crestline Pub Co

Binding Type: Hardcover

Illustrations: 1,862 b&w photos

Pages: 416

Weight: 1.43