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The Corvette In The Barn: More Great Stories Of Automotive Archaeology

  • Barcode: 9780760337974
It's every car-guy's fantasy to casually peer into a long-forgotten garage or barn or warehouse and find the car he has searched for his whole life. Corvette in the Barn is a collection of true, often amazing, stories and essays about car collectors and enthusiasts who have discovered unusual and desirable cars, forgotten in all manner of locations from barns, to old-school junkyards, to farmer's fields. These are the stories that fuel the dreams of car collectors everywhere.   From the Inside Flap The barn-find series began with Tom Cotter's love for driving down country roads in search of interesting cars. Back up a bit--the series really began because Cotter loves cars, and, like most of us who do, he dreamt of finding one in an old barn. He gathered all the stories he could find about such "lost" cars in his 2005 book, The Cobra in the Barn. The book became a national phenomenon that resonated with car buffs around the world. Cotter followed up with two other wildly popular books, The Hemi in the Barn and The Vincent in the Barn. Here's what the press had to say about The Hemi in the Barn: "For years I thought I was the only person who was looking behind sheds, barns and garages while traveling, but I was mistaken. There are a lot of us out there. I think you will find yourself taking this book with you should you find quiet time during your day. A great gift for that gearhead on your list." --Still Runnin' magazine "The book is highly entertaining, often exciting and should hold universal appeal for all car enthusiasts." --Car Collector magazine, December 2007 "The Hemi in the Barn is a good read, and the operative word is read because this is a story book, and all the heroes have wheels." --Izoom.com, September 2007 "As entertaining as these tales are, they're also full of tantalizing hints and suggestions." --Edmunds.com, June 2007 "Tom Cotter's sequel to last year's best-selling The Cobra in the Barn relays one great tale after another, with players unearthing rare cars to die for . . . . These are great stories about great cars." --Cars & Parts magazine, December 2007 "Anyone who grew up with tales of buried treasure, loves a good mystery, or simply a rousing good read, are sure to enjoy both titles." --Musclecar Enthusiast, January 2008