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The Definitive Pontiac Gto Guide & Gto Pontiac Data Id Guide Book Box Set 1964-1974

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The Definitive Pontiac GTO Guide: 1964-1967 After a brainstorming session, Pontiac executives and engineers decided to slot a 389-ci V-8 into the intermediate- sized Tempest against GM rules and the GTO was created. Little did they know what a profound impact that decision would make. The GTO would become a sensation and later was recognized as the first muscle car of the 1960s. Visionaries Pete Estes, John DeLorean, and other key Pontiac executives knew the youth market was waiting for a bold, lightweight sporty car. When their staff toyed with the concept of putting the large V-8 in the car, Pontiac executives jumped on the idea to meet that perceived market demand. Pontiac had a high-performance street car that could light up its tires and outperform the vast majority of the cars on the road. It also reshaped Pontiacs image of a company producing stodgy, lumbering full-size cars into a high-performance youth brand. GTO PONTIAC DATA ID GUIDE BOOK SPECIFICATIONS NUMBERS 1964-1974 When the Pontiac GTO debuted in the fall of 1963, few people could have predicted that the landscape of the performance car would be changed forever. With the new GTO, a genre of automobiles was born that combined image, character, and muscle. 515,797 GTOs rolled off assembly lines from 1963 through 1974; its undeniable just how influential these cars were. What Pontiac couldnt have predicted was just how collectible the GTOs would be decades later. Author Peter Sessler dissects the GTO and presents critical data including engine and transmission codes, rear axle identification, exterior and interior colors, options, production numbers, and VIN decoding. If youre at a car show and someone asks you what the distributor number is on your GTO, open this book and find the answer. Correctly restoring a GTO is no easy matter. With this book you take a giant step toward understanding just what components are needed to bring your old Goat back to life. Possessing this much data is a surefire way to become a GTO expert. It even fits in your back pocket! More than 500,000 GTOs were sold between 1963 and 1974 Its a handy pocket-size guide VIN, engine, transmission, rear end, option, and color codes are offered on every model