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The Hack Mechanic Guide To European Automotive Electrical Systems

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Electrical issues in European cars can be intimidating. The Hack Mechanic Guide to European Automotive Electrical Systems offers a car-person’s guide to how electrical systems work and gives step-by-step coaching on electrical diagnosis and repair. Supported by hundreds of full-color illustrations, the Hack Mechanic’s approach balances theory with practical ways to get things done. Detailed, hands-on advice will arm you with the confidence to tackle projects like adding a new circuit, measuring voltage drops, or figuring out if you have a bad fuel pump relay. A focus on European vehicles leverages the common elements of the DIN system, similar schematic diagrams, and German component makers such as Bosch. The principles discussed, however, can be applied to most conventional internal-combustion-engined vehicles spanning the past six decades. Hack Mechanic Wisdom on Battery • Circuits • Starter • Alternator • Ignition Switches & Relays • Fuses• Modules & Buses How to Make Wire Repairs • Wiring Harnesses DIN Standard • Energy Diagnosis & Parasitic Drain Multimeters & Related Tools • And Much More Step-by-Step Testing for Temperature Sensors • Wheel Speed Sensors Oxygen Sensors • Throttle Position Sensors Crankshaft & Camshaft Position Sensors Mass Airflow Sensors • Ignition Stick Coils Fuel Injectors • Fuel Pumps • Solenoids