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The Harley-Davidson Reader

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Harley-Davidson motorcycles are the grandest name in American motorcycling, and represent the freedom of the open road, a life of rebellion, and a heritage of craftsmanship for over 100 years. In this collection, the biggest and best writings, old and new, are assembled on Harley-Davidson and their unique mystique by writers and personalities that are part of the legend, from Hunter S. Thompson to Sonny Barger, Evel Knievel to Arlen Ness, and more. Punctuated with classic images?from vintage motorcycling photos to racing and walls of death posters to pictures from biker LPs and novels?these are the stories that have helped define the Harley-Davidson myth. The tales of the company?s birth, the rise of the biker outlaw legend, and the modern-day revival of choppers, bobbers, and retro rides are all told by the best-loved sages of biker lore.  With sidebars on biker movies, biker literature, and much more, this book chronicles the Motor Company?s long ride into modern-day legend.